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the word unit in terms and conditions means any other inflatable or equipment, if not a bouncy castle) 

‚ÄčThese are the terms and conditions of hire from Bounce Is The Word. Please read these carefully and tick in our hire form (sign for in person) to signify that you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions. The person/organisation hiring the equipment will be responsible/liable for any loss, damage or injury occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use whilst our equipment is on hire to you. The guidelines are for the safety of all people using this equipment and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are adhered to. Bounce Is The Word reserve the right to cancel any booking at any time, ie. In bad weather, (if more than a light shower or windy for safety reasons), or for some event out of our control. The driver is to be paid in full at time of delivery of the unit. The hirer is responsible for the safe keeping of our equipment whilst on hire to you. 

1. The units have different height/age suitability, please ensure no adults use one of our units only built for children as this would result in the unit being damaged which would be your responsibility to pay for any repairs, loss of earnings and costs incurred to us because of this. Please also ensure that only people of a similar height are using the unit at one time. Make sure the unit does not become over crowded. No signs are to be taped or glued to the unit. 

2. You "the hirer" are responsible for any injury or damage occurring whist the equipment is on hire to you. You can take public liability insurance for yourself covering the use of the inflatable whilst it is on hire to you if you are not already covered by your current own insurances (often customers find they are covered under their home insurance). You "the hirer" are responsible for the safe keeping of the unit. You will be charged for any damage caused by misuse or missing items on collection. 

3. You must ensure the unit is SUPERVISED by an adult AT ALL TIMES when the castle/unit is in use. The castle can not be left unattended. At no time must any one be allowed to climb the walls of the castle/unit for safety reasons. Children must remove their shoes before entering the castle/unit, food, drink, glasses, badges, belts, anything sharp and pets are forbidden on all units. Spectacles are recommended to also be removed. Ensure no one with a history of neck or back problems use the unit. Socks must be worn at all times, no BBQs, smoking or naked flames are allowed near the units. No party poppers or silly string to be used near the unit. Please don't allow anyone to bounce on the front step as this is to aid getting on and off the unit only, using it may cause someone to fall off and get hurt. 

4. The castle/unit must never be moved by anyone but Bounce Is The Word. We expect the castle/unit back in the same condition as at the beginning of hire. If it's in a dirty condition at time of collection you will be charged with a fee of £25 for cleaning. No children who have been face painted may enter our units due to paint staining the units. (Unless using our recommended face painter who we know uses top quality paints which don't stain our units, also using water based paints not oil due to staining). All units are checked on delivery and your signing our hire agreement form indicates acceptance of the castle being in good clean condition. We then check on collection under no circumstances must you hand our equipment over to anyone other than our staff. (Please check with us if someone different turns up to collect than from the delivery driver)

5. Extreme caution is to be taken with our extension cables, these are to be taped down if required and untaped at the end of hire by the hirer. Please do not allow any one round the back of the unit as this is where the blower tends to be on most units (please control flow with our fun run as this is on the side) the blower is not to be covered over by anything. In the event of heavy rain it's strongly advised the unit is switched off and not used as they become slippery when wet. Once turned back on the bubbling can be wiped easily with a towel. 

6. Please check how many are allowed to use the unit you are hiring. . You "the hirer" must ensure units stay staked down during the hire at all times. You must stop any horse play, ensure no one pushes, collides, fights or behaves in a manor that could result in injury. No climbing or sitting on the walls for safety reasons. Do not use in strong winds from 19mph (24mph being complete cut off) the unit must be turned off by you if this happens. No one should be using the unit during inflation or deflation. 

7. You reserve the right to cancel your booking up to 7am on the day, before hire is due in the event of forecast rain. You will still be liable for FULL PAYMENT if we arrive to your event/home for you to cancel. If while you have your hire it does rain or becomes windy, you WILL STILL be liable for FULL PAYMENT. As we take no responsibility for bad weather. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

8. We reserve the right to refuse to set up on safety grounds should your venue have stairs, concrete posts, or other safety issues we find on delivery. You will still be charged if we deliver your hire and find any issues not discussed prior to booking. 

If after booking you decide you no longer require our services please advise us as soon as possible or you may be charged a late booking fee. 

If you give us the wrong address and no contact info (phone number) then please be advised that we can only wait so long while trying to message to find your location. Unfortunately after 30mins we will have to move on to our other hires and most likely will not be able to come back later in the day. It is your responsibility to ensure we have all the correct information needed and contact number should we require further info to find your location. Phone numbers are important. 

Please do sign the form on delivery and tick the box on our online booking form to confirm you have read and accepted the above terms and conditions and agree to hire equipment from bouncy castles Surrey subject to those terms and conditions. 

Please note if you require us to Mann our equipment then the inflatable is fully covered for supervision as well as our negligence. Confirmation of agreeing to our terms and conditions are not required on Manned hire.

We can man our equipment from £20/pph

Signed: __________________________________ Date:___/___/2017__

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